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Nature Works    Glass filter media - How it Works

Glass filter media - How it Works

When it comes to choosing which water  filter medium to implement, we can do so  between a wide range of sands and crystals in different varieties.

Taking durability, performance, healthiness and enviromental footprint into account, we should choose one medium or another. Only Nature works allows to optimize each and every one of these factors to be considered and here we explain why:

Differences between the different water filter mediums:

The difference between sands and glass crystals is due  to different physical conditions between both particles. Depending on their morphology they will be more or less prone to clogging and to the appearance  of gaps that increase the emerging of biofilm, which at the same time affects the durability of the filter charge.


Nature Works Hi-Tech - Glass Filter Media @ is created from a recycled raw material, glass, which has been subjected to scientific advances created in our lab. When it comes to glass water filters, the exclusive MC2 Anti-compaction Technology  makes a difference.

It can substitute or be used in the same cases where silica sand or zeolite is used. Nature works has a specific industrial development for each need. Different specific products may be developed if needed for new applications through our Colaboration Programme for businesses or industries interested in the product, for example, filters used for certain  industrial chemical wastes.

Glass filter media - Nature Works only uses high quality glass, white and flat, probably the most scarce kind but also the most appropriate. We do not use coloured hollow glass from bottles.


Unique properties of Nature Works High Tech - Glass Filter Media

Microscopically flat and soft-edged particles

The side of MC2 Anticompaction Technology relative to the manufacturing process was developed to obtain a product with no sharp edges with has two objectives: to avoid  sharp edges harbouring bacteria and so the product would be completly safe, so it can be manipulated and handled with no kind of previous technical knowledge or training.

Reduced cost maintenance with - Glass filter media 

MC2 Anti-compaction Technology allows to use a single kind of grain. It is not neccessary to use different layers. This makes it a product that is easy to store and can be easily taken out and re-used when the filter needs cleaning or repaired. Products that are not made by MC2 Anti-compaction Technology need to use different layers with different calibrated grading, due to  lack of optimization, which means that  they can not be re-used once they are taken out to repair or clean the filter, so the durability of the grain depends on how long the filter itself lasts.

No need for floculant agents

Glass Filter Media - Nature Works is designed to achieve the same quality water as one that has just had flocculating agents added to it. Here is where this filter medium proves its unique quality as it is not neccessary to use chemical flocculant agents. If the filtering speed is not high enough to ensure the appropriate performance, you only need to let the system work a little longer to achieve the best efficiency in circuits such as aquariums, reservoirs or swimming pools.