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The technology involved in the fabrication of MC2 Anti-Compaction Technology avoids compactation and generates a microscopically smooth filter particle, with no pores or sharp edges which are responsible for the loss of resistance in glass crystals. It also allows for the material to be re-used when it must be taken out to repair a filter. The hardness of the particle generated by MC2, together with the anti-compactation technology gives the material unlimited service life.

The calibrated grading curve of the crystals maximizes the sieve capacity, spacing out the periods between cleaning thus reducing considerably the water wasted during the cleaning process. On average, only one cleaning must be done for every 8 that must be done using silica sand.

The calibrated grading curve of the crystals maximizes the number of micro-channels that are created in the filter mass, eliminating the loss of preassure caused by the filter itself almost completly.  This results in a great reduction of the energy consumption of the pump. On the other hand, when it is used for treating heated pools, as the ammount of times you have to clean the filter is lower, you also save on  the energy used to re-heat the water wasted during the cleaning process.


All inconveniences related to Biofilm emerging dissapear, so the need to use chemical products to eliminate it are no longer neccessary.





The technology used to make MC2 Anti-compaction Technology provides a multifaceted filter particle, free from sharp edges, making it safe to handle.

Nature Works Hi-Tech Filter Media is a recycled and recyclable material. It generates water, energy and chemical product saving and the environmental footprint produced by traditional water treatments. It also lasts forever.


Nature Works allows all hydraulic systems to function better and more efficiently

The production of MC2 Anti-compaction Technology is subjected to a thorough quality control in order to guarantee a completely impurity-free product.

Nature Works Hi-Tech Filter Media is the only water filter medium based on glass crystals which has:

# Complete production certificate

# UNE-EN 12.904 certificate for drinking water uses.
Credited by Bureau Veritas.