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Nature Works    

Glass Filter Media - Durability, Ecology and Security in Water Filtering

Glass filter media- Nature Works is the only filter medium used for treating water that gives you a guaranteed unlimited durability, saving energy, water and the use of chemical products. It is also a healthy and hygenic way of optimizing available resources, making the water high-quality.

It is an eco-friendly product, recycled and recyclable, that reduces the environmental impact originated from traditional water treatment methods. It may be used in any industrial or swimming-pool water filter and its effects are evident immediately.

Thanks to  MC2 Calibration Technology, the crystals´ soft edges and multifaceted shape, this system prevents biofilm and chloramine emerging. It doesn´t require the use of flocculating agents and reduces the loss of equipment charge.

The traceability and Bureau Veritas certificate of both our final product and the production process are the best way to guarantee high quality for your water. Nature Works´ unique service gives you a personalized product adapted to each distributor, providing the appropriate commercial tools such as flyers, packaging, personalized advise and online service.

"Choosing Nature Works -Glass Filter Media - as your water filter medium ensures quality water, eco-friendlyness, and energy and chemical product saving"

Orbitec and Nature Works participate in FEICON 2018 (Brazil)

Orbitec, our Nature Works official distributor in Brazil, has recently participated in the latest edition of FEICON 2018, one of the most important fairs dedicated to construction and architecture in Latin America. Their stand, with a size of 100 m², presented a wide variety of products and innovative solutions related to construction, hydraulic systems, solar heating and swimming pool. In this last section, there was an strong presence of Nature Works Glass Filter Media.

With more than 3000 visits of professionals from the sector during its four days duration, and more than 500 students and suppliers, Orbitec evaluates very positively the participation in FEICON 2018. The event achieved a wide scope of the exhibited brands and products, and an important impact to prescribers and buyers.

Nature Works Glass Filter Media rightly attracted most of the public's attention thanks to its unique technological characteristics for swimming pool filtration. It featured an individual and customized display, as well as a screen with an explanatory video providing all the necessary technical information.

Orbitec has been working for more than 3 years with Nature Works in Brazil, positioning it as one of the best filtration solutions on the market. > Visit the Blog

FEDA business association awards San Juan 2018 prize to Grupo Camacho

Since its foundation, Camacho Group has stood out for its solid commitment to technological development in the field of recycling, quality and the environment protection.

This commitment has been recently rewarded with the San Juan 2018 Award to the Investor Company in Quality and Environment in its 19th edition. The recognition, granted by FEDA, the Confederation of Business of Albacete, highlights the trajectory of Camacho Recycling from its origins and its projection of values ​​and environmental objectives.

The official ceremony and family photo with all the winners is scheduled for next June 7 at the FEDA headquarters.

From Nature Works we want to convey to Camacho Recycling and the Camacho Group our sincere congratulations for the prestigious and well-deserved award.

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