Nature Works

Nature Works    

Glass Filter Media - Durability, Ecology and Security in Water Filtering

Glass filter media- Nature Works is the only filter medium used for treating water that gives you a guaranteed unlimited durability, saving energy, water and the use of chemical products. It is also a healthy and hygenic way of optimizing available resources, making the water high-quality.

It is an eco-friendly product, recycled and recyclable, that reduces the environmental impact originated from traditional water treatment methods. It may be used in any industrial or swimming-pool water filter and its effects are evident immediately.

Thanks to  MC2 Calibration Technology, the crystals´ soft edges and multifaceted shape, this system prevents biofilm and chloramine emerging. It doesn´t require the use of flocculating agents and reduces the loss of equipment charge.

The traceability and Bureau Veritas certificate of both our final product and the production process are the best way to guarantee high quality for your water. Nature Works´ unique service gives you a personalized product adapted to each distributor, providing the appropriate commercial tools such as flyers, packaging, personalized advise and online service.

"Choosing Nature Works -Glass Filter Media - as your water filter medium ensures quality water, eco-friendlyness, and energy and chemical product saving"

Nature Works Glass Filter Media arrives to Switzerland with Chemia Brugg

The expansion and international projection implemented by Nature Works since its foundation has positioned the Hi-Tech Glass Filter media as the main filter in several markets. Brazil, Germany, Australia, Iran or Russia are just a few examples of countries with official Nature Works Glass Filter Media distribution .

This list has recently been added by Switzerland and does so thanks to Chemia Brugg, a long trajectory organization dedicated to offering tailor-made solutions in the fields of water treatment, swimming pools, hygiene, industry and consumer goods.

Founded in 1882 as a chemical factory, Chemia Brugg has grown and evolved ever since adapting to the demands of the market. In 1970, it expanded to the pool and water treatment sector, taking advantage of the gathered know-how and experience that have led it to become one of the sector's references in the German market.

We are delighted to begin this collaboration with a company of values so close to ours - innovation, clean technologies, quality and safety - and to ensure that Nature Works glass is present in the Swiss market.

Arian Co visits Nature Works facilities

We recently received the visit of Arian Co, our Nature Works distributor in Iran, with whom we have been growing continuously during the last three seasons.

The visit, formed by five members of the Arian Co. team, traveled to the Grupo Camacho recycling plant for the first time, and were able to approach the methodologies applied during the production of the Nature Works glass. The itinerary was focused on knowing, on one hand, the factory where all the mechanical processes are applied, and on the other hand the laboratory, responsible for the advanced technology applied and developed.

As always, we are glad to receive our distributors and collaborators in our facilities and thus provide a comprehensive and wider knowledge of Nature Works filtration glass from its origin.