Nature Works

Nature Works    

Glass Filter Media - Durability, Ecology and Security in Water Filtering

Glass filter media- Nature Works is the only filter medium used for treating water that gives you a guaranteed unlimited durability, saving energy, water and the use of chemical products. It is also a healthy and hygenic way of optimizing available resources, making the water high-quality.

It is an eco-friendly product, recycled and recyclable, that reduces the environmental impact originated from traditional water treatment methods. It may be used in any industrial or swimming-pool water filter and its effects are evident immediately.

Thanks to  MC2 Calibration Technology, the crystals´ soft edges and multifaceted shape, this system prevents biofilm and chloramine emerging. It doesn´t require the use of flocculating agents and reduces the loss of equipment charge.

The traceability and Bureau Veritas certificate of both our final product and the production process are the best way to guarantee high quality for your water. Nature Works´ unique service gives you a personalized product adapted to each distributor, providing the appropriate commercial tools such as flyers, packaging, personalized advise and online service.

"Choosing Nature Works -Glass Filter Media - as your water filter medium ensures quality water, eco-friendlyness, and energy and chemical product saving"

Loro Parque substitutes silica sand for glass filter media Nature Works

Loro Parque, the emblematic zoo and theme park you can find at Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife since 1970, has decided to substitute its old silica sand used up to now for the new glass filter media Nature works, developed by Camacho Group.

The engineering team backed the decision to change after studying carefully all the options available currently on the market and verifying all the advantages offered by Nature Works, such as the traceability of the raw material with which this glass filter media is made, 100 % free of impurities, the certificates that guarantee  the high quality and security of the  product, as well as the high levels of saving and performance obtained with Nature Works Glass Filter Media.

The park expects to save 30 % on backwashing and  60% on oxidizing agents comparing the amount consumed at the present time with silica sand.  It also expects to  achieve a significant improvement in the quality of the water as well as other advantages linked to this important step forward.

The substitution process will be carried out in different phases until it reaches all 12 aquatic spaces where more than 100 different marine species live including dolphins, orcas, sea lions and catfish among others.

Nature Works exhibits in another successful edition of Piscine Global Lyon

The 27th edition of piscine Global closed its doors on 18 November breaking assistance and participation records and with a very positive balance. Over the course of four days, through different activities and events,  both the exhibitors and the visitors had a chance to increase their business networks, establish new international contacts, participate in workshops, attend chats and conferences and present or discover over 80 new and innovative  products for the swimming pool and SPA sector.

This year´s edition has focused on the cutting-edge designs integrated into different spaces and lifestyles. This new trend involves revising all the elements that make up SPA and swimi¡ming pool instalations, where it is getting increasingly neccesary to resort to inteligent solutions which allow us to make the most of the resources used. In this sense, Nature Works Glass, made from clean virgin glass, is a step forward when it comes to durability and water, energy and chemical product saving.

Nature Works would like to congratulate Piscine Global organization for yet another succesful edition, and thank alll our visitors that took their time to come and learn more about Nature Works Glass filter media. See you in the next edition!