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Nature Works    

Glass Filter Media - Durability, Ecology and Security in Water Filtering

Glass filter media- Nature Works is the only filter medium used for treating water that gives you a guaranteed unlimited durability, saving energy, water and the use of chemical products. It is also a healthy and hygenic way of optimizing available resources, making the water high-quality.

It is an eco-friendly product, recycled and recyclable, that reduces the environmental impact originated from traditional water treatment methods. It may be used in any industrial or swimming-pool water filter and its effects are evident immediately.

Thanks to  MC2 Calibration Technology, the crystals´ soft edges and multifaceted shape, this system prevents biofilm and chloramine emerging. It doesn´t require the use of flocculating agents and reduces the loss of equipment charge.

The traceability and Bureau Veritas certificate of both our final product and the production process are the best way to guarantee high quality for your water. Nature Works´ unique service gives you a personalized product adapted to each distributor, providing the appropriate commercial tools such as flyers, packaging, personalized advise and online service.

"Choosing Nature Works -Glass Filter Media - as your water filter medium ensures quality water, eco-friendlyness, and energy and chemical product saving"

Loro Parque substitutes silica sand for glass filter media Nature Works

One of the most recent countries to be included in our international distribution network is Cyprus, doing so through Waternet, one of the main suppliers of swimming pool and water treatment products. Based in Nicosia, the country´s capital city, its ample experience in this field plus a wide catalogue of products makes it the ideal company to offer glass filtering as a high quality option to offer to its many clients, wholesalers as well as final consumers.

We are very pleased with this new addition and for placing Nature Works in an area where the advantages of glass filter media has a lot to offer in the water treatment field, as well as in other recent additions such as Croatia or Libanon.

This addition has contributed to establish the international projection that Nature Works has been experimenting in the last years. Thanks to our expansion policy, we now count on commercial presence in 18 countries all over the globe, thanks to the backup of an excellent distribution network made up by first class distributors, importers and retailers.

How does a swimming pool work? Everything you need to know

To guarantee a correct operation of our swimming pool and to achieve a proper hygiene of the water and the whole installation, it is necessary to know well its internal mechanics and the operation of each one of its components. In order to help you, in Nature Works we have developed a didactic video in which we invite you to travel through its intricacies while we explain step by step the course of the water of your swimming pool, from which it is absorbed by the skimmer and the sink until it is returned clean and crystalline so you can enjoy it safely, specially if you are usingNature Work glass media filtration.

How does a swimming pool work? Surely you have been in a swimming pool more than once, and you have enjoyed the refreshing sensation of swimming and diving. Have you ever asked yourself how the water is kept crystal clean? In this brief video we will show you how. (Read more)