At Nature Works we actively work to position high-tech filtration glass in markets around the world, betting on a policy of progressive and constant international expansion that has led us to be present today in more than 20 countries around the world. This growth has been possible thanks to the advantages of the Nature Works filter media, but also to the trust and support of a wide network of distributors and professionals who have acted as brand ambassadors in their home markets.

One of the last distributors to join the network has been Peraqua, a leading company in the pool sector and technologies for water treatment. Initially founded in Austria in 1971, today the multinational operates in more than 65 countries, with a commercial area of ​​influence especially focused on Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia. Its more than 50 years of experience have also endowed it with extensive experience and know-how linked to the sector.

With Peraqua we also share a system of values ​​designed to offer maximum satisfaction to our customers, betting on products characterized by high quality and cutting-edge technology, an intelligent international commercial expansion and a strong respect for the environment in all our strategic decisions.

All this makes Peraqua a high-value partner for Nature Works, and an unbeatable brand ambassador in these special markets that require a high level of commercial specialization and knowledge. We are pleased to announce this new collaboration in order to position the Nature Works filtration glass in swimming pools and installations throughout Germany.

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