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Nature Works    Glass filter media - Swimming pools

Glass filter media - Swimming pools

Swimming pools and Spas are spaces  for enjoyment related to health and well-being where people
go expecting to find quality and healthy conditions

Professionals know well the importance and the responsibility involved in keeping all instalations
in optimum performance and clean conditions
. The water must be of high quality and healthy,
avoiding excessive use of chemical products and minimizing environmental impact.

To be able to manage an instalation easily it is important to have the best ally in the water filtering
process: Nature Works High Tech Glass Filter Media

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Demonstrated Benefits in swimming pools that use Nature Works

Internal work improvements:
Incorporating Nature Works as your filter medium allows you to:
-Improve the quality and the healthy conditions of the water
-Simplify the filtering process: a unique filter medium and long life recharge
-Save energy, water and chemical products
-Reduce environmental impact
-Achieve hydraulic optimization
-Say goodbye to biofilm and flocculant agents

Customer satisfaction improvements:

We know that swimming pool users are getting more and more demanding,  therefore we guarantee
that after implementing Nature works the consumer´s experience will improve, whom will percieve the
following benefits:
- Less perception of chemical products and chlorine
-Safer and healthier water due to the reduction of chemical products and bacteria
-Company Image: environmental responsibility due to energy efficiency and lower
 environmental impact (eco)

Glass media - Premium quality standards:
Nature Works mantains Premium quality standards from the begining of the production process to
the distribution, sales and after-sales service

Our customized service puts all our knowledge at your disposal to resolve any questions or doubts
you may have to optimize the filtering process, giving each instalation an exclusive follow-up.

See all the advantages:

Succesful examples:

Club deportivo Arena 

Parque acuático Marineland Barcelona

Luxor spa Benidorm