Water saving through efficient filtering


The European Water Charter, proclaimed by the European Governing board in 1968, established a series of key issues geared to recognize water´s fundamental value for life on our planet. According to the written text, water is not inexhaustable and it is necessary to preserve, control and increase all water resources, maintain water quality in accordance to its use, waste water should not be returned to its natural source and it must be managed in an effective way by everyone.  These are just a few of the 12 issues stated and Nature works pursues to ensure we use this valuable resource in the most effective manner.

Grupo Camacho I+D 5

To achieve this goal we have worked and will carry on doing so with Grupo Camacho and its advanced R & D + I team to develop Nature Works Hi-Tech Filter Media, respectful towards the environment in general and water in particular. As an example, the use of calibrated granulometric curves maximizes the impurity retention capacity in filters, making the periods between washing longer and reducing the amount of water wasted during this process. According to studies, this allows to reduce the washes  to  an average of 1 wash for every 8 necessary if silica sand is used in the filter. Compaction is avoided and with it the lower performance that it creates.

The advantages offered by MC2 Anti-compaction Technology, such as lower water, chemical products and energy consumptions makes this technology the most environmentally friendly product in this sector.

Nature Works and AmbientCare in close collaboration

Nature Works and AmbientCare in close collaboration in pilot scheme filter systems.

AmbientCare is an organization dedicated to innovation for the development of intelligent solutions, aimed at meeting specific needs the market has not yet found a solution for. Its activity focuses mainly on «Environmental Hygiene» , «Ground care» and «Water Treatments».

Bomba del sistema de pilotajes
Pilot systems bomb

It is precisely in the latter field AmbientCare has been doing pilot experiments with Nature Works solution for its clients in the industrial field. The demonstration plant they have built at their facilities in Museros  in Valencia has allowed to give clients service adapted to their specific needs, and test the performance of different filter mediums, Nature Works being an outstanding one. With this plant AmbientCare may evaluate the different kinds of filter media and therefore give a comprehensive service to their clients.

AmbientCare´s pilot plant is available to any business concerned about any water issues ( product or fresh water, recycling, washing, re-using, waste, intake, etc) if they wish to carry out their own evaluations.

Nature Works and AmbientCare are continually in close collaboration to establish the new MC2 Hi-Tech Glass filter media in its different applications.

Ambient Care Reactor

Reactor Ambient Care
Ambient Care Reactor

This AmbientCare instalation also makes it possible to study the development of other technologies related to the recycled glass filter medium, such as Titanium Reactors, micro-filtration or Reverse osmosis filtering.

Hidro-Water and Nature Works glass filter media at IFAT 2016

Feria IFAT HidroWater NatureWorksHidro-Water, a leading company in the water treatment sector and one of our Spanish distributors with great international presence,  took part in the last IFAT trade fair, where Nature Works glass  was presented as a featured product as an alternative option to traditional silica sand. Considering IFAT the largest global event in water treatment and management, HIdro-Water decided it is an event not to be missed.  This trade fair takes place every 2 years and, since its establishment in 1966, has become a reference and meeting point for this sector.

Sistema de filtración modular HidroWater

Hidro-Water, based in Valencia, is currently developing projects in over 20 countries thanks to the effort made in R & I.  It has over 20 years´experience specializing in manufacturing and distribution of water treatment equipments, focused on 3 main areas: Residential Division, Industrial Division and Swimming Pool Division. Hidro-Water´s team is now focusing also on modular filtration systems, which can be transported and put into operation easily anywhere on the globe, solving the problem of available fresh water in hard to reach places that lack this basic service.

Thanks to its innovative  advantages, Nature Works Glass Filter Media – developed by Grupo Camacho- is present in all these technical developments, leading the international water treatment sector.

Video: Characteristics and advantages of Nature Works Glass Filter Media

The glass filter media is constantly tested and improving. To replace silica sand in filters is necessary to develop new technologiesNature Works Hi-Tech is a filter media based on a glass free of sharp edges and pores, which makes it comepletely harmless while being handled. The solution has been wholly designed and developed by the R & D + I team at Grupo Camacho with MC2 Anti Compactation High Technology.

Nature Works glass filter media offers numerous advantages compared to silica sand, the traditional filter media. Do not miss this video with the presentation of all the information that you need to know about the characteristics of nature works glass, uses, advantages, how to install and distribution network.

New distribution network in Lebanon

NatureWorks vidrio filtracion folleto y muestrarioInternationalization as a target has always been an active policy at Nature Works which has led to being present in all 5 continents. Our Technological, professional and commercial development has allowed Nature Works to become the filter media chosen by many businesses and households.


One of the most recent countries to be included in our international distribution network is Lebanon, through our distributor Anhar-Water Technology, organization with more than ten years experience in the water treatment sector.

Logo Anhar Water Techonology NatureWorksDue to its location in the Middle East and its dry climate, Lebanon faces a drinking water supply problem which make water  desalination and recycling processes crucial. In this regard, Nature works brings added value when it comes to pursuing efficient and inteligent technologies that can help deal with the problems that water shortage brings to dry countries all over the world.

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Silicosis: a risk hidden in water filters

Nature Works Glass filter media has brought about a revolution in the filter media market for various reasons of which durability, saving capacity -water, energy and chemical products among others- are notable examples. However, it is important to note that the two fundamental advantages are related directly to our health: both the security and water quality it provides.

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-01 a la(s) 10.35.04Traditional filtration medias use, specially in swimming pools, silica sand to filter water. This method may be considered hazardous when it is handled as it can cause silicosis, a lung disease resulting from breathing in silica dust, main component of the sand. Although is is necessary to be exposed to the substance for a prolonged period of time to be considered a risk, it is convenient to wear dust masks when changing the silica charge, something that Nature Works recommends to all the professionals of this sector whenever they come into contact with this substance. Cancer is another of the adverse effects known related to the continuous handling of silica sand, as well as many other incapacitating illnesses. United States law, for example, states that all those exposed to silica sand should take preventive measures such as working in ventilated areas, wearing protective gear, warning workers they are near a hazardous area and cleaning with special vacuum cleaners or with a damp method among other precautions to be taken.

LAb1At Nature works we have been working for years to offer a completely harmless and safe solution for all those who make an occasional use as well as for those who use it continually. Thanks to the resources used by the R & D department at Grupo Camacho, we have created the MC2 technology, a filter media based on glass that avoids the occurence of lung diseases such as silicosis and other related illnesses.

The groundbreaking  MC2 Anti-Compaction Technology also offers a multifaceted filtrating particle free of sharp edges. This feature, crucial when handling the glass to avoid accidents, is only one of the multiple advantages Nature Works has to offer compared to inferior quality glass on the market offered by competing brands.

When it comes to choosing a filter media it is important to assess and analyze all the advantages and inconveniences that the different products on the market have to offer, but always putting our health and that of our employees above any other factor.

Loro Parque substitutes silica sand for glass filter media Nature Works

Loro Parque, the emblematic zoo and theme park you can find at Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife since 1970, has  now decided to substitute its old silica sand used up to now for the new glass filter media Nature works, developed by Camacho Group.

Nature Works glass media Loro ParqueThe engineering team backed the decision to change after studying carefully all the options available currently on the market and verifying all the advantages offered by Nature Works, such as the traceability of the raw material with which this glass filter media is made, 100 % free of impurities, the certificates that guarantee  the high quality and security of the  product, as well as the high levels of saving and performance obtained with Nature Works Glass Filter Media.

The substitution process will be carried out in different phases until it reaches all 12 aquatic spaces where more than 100 different marine species live including dolphins, orcas, sea lions and catfish among others. Programmed for July of this year the first phase will take place where 4 horizontal filters will be installed, each containing 24 tons of glass filter media, reaching a total of 450 tons once the project is complete.

The park expects to save 30 % on backwashing and 60% on oxidizing agents comparing the amount consumed at the present time with silica sand.  It also expects to  achieve a significant improvement in the quality of the water as well as other advantages linked to this important step forward.

Loro PTransporte toroarque opened its doors aiming to promote the conservation, protection and recovery of endangered species, and has grown reaching more than 135.000 m2. It is considered to be the most important zoo in Europe and second best of its kind in the world, and has participated in European Breeding Programmes for endangered species, EEP, organized by the European Zoo and Aquarium Association. It is also worth mentioning that it was in this park where the first captive breeding of an orca took place in Spain.


SHA Wellness Clinic, yet another customer satisfied with Nature Works filtration glass

Sha wellness clinic natureworksThe prestigious SHA Wellness luxury resort clinic has put its trust in Nature Works filtration glass as the ideal solution for its facilities, observing in a very short time the advantages that this product offers thanks to its innovative MC2 Anti Compactation technology. The resort has substituted silica sand for the high quality Nature Works glass, achieving very satistactory results in a very short period of time:

  • Reducing the number of backwashes by more than 50 %
  • Reducing the work pressure by more than 20%
  • Reducing the dysfunction of the salt water chlorinator by more than 40%
  • Reducing the consumption of the PH stabilizer by more than 40%

SHA Wellness Clinic is considered to be one of the most important medical resorts in the world, where water plays a very important part of the design and decor. It has shown from the begining its commitment towards protecting the environment, a phylosophy shared by Nature Works.