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About us

 Nature Works glass filter media has been designed with the aim of saving in important items such as water, energy and chemicals; thus obtaining a lower environmental impact. From recycling and our R + D development, we obtain high quality particles treated with cutting-edge technology at the service of our customers.

The applications are numerous both in the category of swimming pools and industrial, so we have two own brands: Nature Works and Bioma to meet the needs of our customers. We can also develop customized brands and packaging for a more personalized distribution.

Our network of distributors has national and international coverage, covering more than 20 countries around the world.



Advanced technology is essential to achieve a product such as Nature Works filtration glass, available in few places in the world. The Camacho Recycling plant is one of them.


Every decision we make at Nature Works takes into account the preservation and respect for the environment.


We use our resources intelligently to obtain a high quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Human resources

From the selection of the raw material and processing, the R & D department and product development, the commercial and communication area, we put at your service all the necessary tools to give you a personalized service.


Nature Works filtration glass is produced in Caudete (Spain), in one of the facilities with the best available technology, both in the production processes and in the quality control of the finished product.

With Automatic Sample Analyzer to control the quality, moisture controls for each batch produced, magnetic and non-magnetic metal removal systems, contaminant removal technology through optical vision systems, 4 treatment lines and flat glass processing, some of them for a single type of product with which we avoid any type of contamination. The exclusive line of screening, achieves any granulometry from sizes less than 100 microns, always complying with the product curves needed in technologies such as Nature Works High Tech Anti-Compaction System.