Everything you need to know about your pool

How does a pool work?

Knowing how a pool works and what elements are part of its installation will help us to maintain it in optimal conditions of use, as well as to guide us in diagnosing possible problems in its operation.

In this video we describe its operation, the filtration process of the pool and its most important components. “How a pool works” makes a trip through the filtration system from the pool glass through the skimmer, the pipes, the water pump and the filter with its filter medium inside. A didactic way of knowing how our pool works.

What is salt electrolysis and how does it work?

Maybe you have ever heard about this system and you have asked yourself how does a saline electrolysis system for swimming pools work? We are talking about pools with salt, which generate their own chlorine. Is the salt chlorinator system better than chlorine tablets? What are the advantages of the salt chlorinator and how does electrolysis work in our pool? And, what advantages does Nature Works filtration glass provide for saline electrolysis systems? In this didactic video we solve all your doubts.