IMGP5713 About Nature Works Filtration Technologies

Grupo Camacho filter glass for industrial water treatment is at the heart of Nature Works. The great effort made to efficiently introduce our product to the industrial field has given us the opportunity to get to know, apply and collaborate in the development of multiple new technologies completely focused on solving water issues in an ecological manner.

Nature Works’ main goal is to become the thread to introduce its eco-technology to every water related field.

The philosophy of the Grupo Camacho’s R&D Department  is to produce the best scientific product, overcoming any potential obstacle posed by the manufacturing technology. These are the origins of MC2 Calibration Technology ®.

Specific Products

Grupo Camacho calibrated filter media, Ultra-Sounds for water treatment, Hydrolysis Oxidation Systems,  Treatment plants for filter tests,  Compact filter module systems, and Filter media for BIOMA swimming pools of the Grupo Camacho.



Glass Filter Media

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