The recycled glass as a media filter is the ultimate technology in filtration processes.

El vidrio reciclado como medio filtrante, es la ultima tecnología en procesos de filtración.

Here we have some detailed pictures of the glass filter media from our laboratory :

Aquí subimos algunas fotos del vidrio de filtración tomadas por la gente del laboratorio.

Las tres etapas de vidrio para filtración de Nature Works para filtración de agua.
The three different stages of Nature Works Glass filter media
Las tres ETAPAS de vidrio de filtración Nature Works
filter media made of recycled glass to water filtration
Recycled Glass Filter Media
Vidrio reciclado para filtracion de agua
The fine glass of the Stage 3 is prepared to hight quality filtration
STAGE 3 Glass filter media
ETAPA 3 Vidrio filtración
Vidrio reciclado para filtración de agua Nature Works Glass filter media, o también llamado cristal de filtración, es el reemplazo natural y sostenible a la arena de silice
Nature Works glass filter media
Vidrio para filtración Nature Works


Nature Works Filter Glass is a recycled glass filtration media developed with high technology MC²  Technology®  for filtration systems. Designed in the I+D+i department of the Camacho Group includes all characteristics to assure the best filtration performance.


The glass filter media is constantly tested and improving. To replace silica sand in filters is necessary to develop new technologies
Glass Filter Media transparent glass
Vidrio de filtración transparente
Vidrio o cristal de filtración para piscinas Nature Works
Silica sand irregular surface
Silica sand surface at microscope Superficie de la arena de sílice
Irregular surface of silica sand  and the differences with glass filter media
Surface textures on silica sand
superficie microscopica de la Arena de Silice
Silica sand microscopic surface
Glass filter media surface is the difference with silica sand
Glass filter media surface
Glass filter media in Camacho laboratory
Recycled Glass as filter media





# Nature Works glass filter media is a Spanish manufactured product from entirely recycled glass and follows strict Quality and Design Controls to ensure total warranty, collaborating with water, energy and chemical savings.




The Camacho Group is in constant research following its Industrial Development Plan to obtain specific products for specific applications. Our joint venture programs include projects for the elimination of chemical products from residual industrial waters.

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