Lyon international Swimming Pool Fair 2014

The glass filter media team at Lyon Fair

At Nature Works we would like to thank all our clients and friends that have passed by our stand at Lyon international Swimming Pool Fair.

The new Stage 2 filter media has been presented for swimming pool uses at this Fair. New international markets have been developed for the glass filter media.

Nature Works
Sales Team at Lyon Fair
Nature Works at Lyon Fair
Animation glass filter media solutions

Recycled glass as a silica sand replacement in swimming pool filters, is an ever-growing market and new countries are opening their markets to the glass filter media to improve the filtration process, saving water and energy consumption.

Lyon international Fair has been a complete success regarding this new water filtration technology.

We hope to see you at the next edition of Barcelona International Swimming Pool Fair 2015.



Nature Works sales team at Lyon Fair
Glass filter sales team
Show room glass filtering
Vidrio para filtración expositor







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