Nature Works and AmbientCare in close collaboration

Nature Works and AmbientCare in close collaboration in pilot scheme filter systems.

AmbientCare is an organization dedicated to innovation for the development of intelligent solutions, aimed at meeting specific needs the market has not yet found a solution for. Its activity focuses mainly on «Environmental Hygiene» , «Ground care» and «Water Treatments».

Bomba del sistema de pilotajes
Pilot systems bomb

It is precisely in the latter field AmbientCare has been doing pilot experiments with Nature Works solution for its clients in the industrial field. The demonstration plant they have built at their facilities in Museros  in Valencia has allowed to give clients service adapted to their specific needs, and test the performance of different filter mediums, Nature Works being an outstanding one. With this plant AmbientCare may evaluate the different kinds of filter media and therefore give a comprehensive service to their clients.

AmbientCare´s pilot plant is available to any business concerned about any water issues ( product or fresh water, recycling, washing, re-using, waste, intake, etc) if they wish to carry out their own evaluations.

Nature Works and AmbientCare are continually in close collaboration to establish the new MC2 Hi-Tech Glass filter media in its different applications.

Ambient Care Reactor

Reactor Ambient Care
Ambient Care Reactor

This AmbientCare instalation also makes it possible to study the development of other technologies related to the recycled glass filter medium, such as Titanium Reactors, micro-filtration or Reverse osmosis filtering.

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