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Nature Works
for pools

Water quality and hygiene

Pools and SPAs are spaces for enjoyment related to health and wellbeing where people seek quality and healthiness. Professionals know well the importance and responsibility of maintaining the facilities in an optimal state of hygiene and performance. The water must be of quality and healthy; avoiding excess chemicals and minimizing environmental impact.

To easily manage an installation it is important to have the best ally in the water filtration process: Nature Works Glass Filter Media.

Direct benefits for the pool

The following benefits have been tested and endorsed by prestigious certification seals

Maintenance improvements

  • Simplification of the filtering process
  • Energy, chemical and water savings
  • Decrease in environmental impact
  • Hydraulic optimization
  • Elimination of biofilm
  • Elimination of flocculants

Improvements in satisfaction

  • Improve water quality and hygiene
  • Less sensation of chemicals and chlorine
  • Increased water safety and health

Frequent asked questions

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Yes, you can use Nature Works filtration glass on any type of filter

The optimal amount is 20% less than the sand you would need. Consult the filter manufacturer’s form to know this information.

You can contact a professional or do it yourself with a recipient

A diferencia de otros fabricantes, el vidrio de filtración Nature Works ha sido diseñado y desarrollado para ser totalmente inocuo y seguro durante el proceso de instalación.

Nature Works filtration glass, because it is composed of a single granulometric curve, has an unlimited life even when it has to be removed due to maintenance or breakage of the filter.