New distribution network in Lebanon

NatureWorks vidrio filtracion folleto y muestrarioInternationalization as a target has always been an active policy at Nature Works which has led to being present in all 5 continents. Our Technological, professional and commercial development has allowed Nature Works to become the filter media chosen by many businesses and households.


One of the most recent countries to be included in our international distribution network is Lebanon, through our distributor Anhar-Water Technology, organization with more than ten years experience in the water treatment sector.

Logo Anhar Water Techonology NatureWorksDue to its location in the Middle East and its dry climate, Lebanon faces a drinking water supply problem which make water  desalination and recycling processes crucial. In this regard, Nature works brings added value when it comes to pursuing efficient and inteligent technologies that can help deal with the problems that water shortage brings to dry countries all over the world.

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