Loro Parque substitutes silica sand for glass filter media Nature Works

Loro Parque, the emblematic zoo and theme park you can find at Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife since 1970, has  now decided to substitute its old silica sand used up to now for the new glass filter media Nature works, developed by Camacho Group.

Nature Works glass media Loro ParqueThe engineering team backed the decision to change after studying carefully all the options available currently on the market and verifying all the advantages offered by Nature Works, such as the traceability of the raw material with which this glass filter media is made, 100 % free of impurities, the certificates that guarantee  the high quality and security of the  product, as well as the high levels of saving and performance obtained with Nature Works Glass Filter Media.

The substitution process will be carried out in different phases until it reaches all 12 aquatic spaces where more than 100 different marine species live including dolphins, orcas, sea lions and catfish among others. Programmed for July of this year the first phase will take place where 4 horizontal filters will be installed, each containing 24 tons of glass filter media, reaching a total of 450 tons once the project is complete.

The park expects to save 30 % on backwashing and 60% on oxidizing agents comparing the amount consumed at the present time with silica sand.  It also expects to  achieve a significant improvement in the quality of the water as well as other advantages linked to this important step forward.

Loro PTransporte toroarque opened its doors aiming to promote the conservation, protection and recovery of endangered species, and has grown reaching more than 135.000 m2. It is considered to be the most important zoo in Europe and second best of its kind in the world, and has participated in European Breeding Programmes for endangered species, EEP, organized by the European Zoo and Aquarium Association. It is also worth mentioning that it was in this park where the first captive breeding of an orca took place in Spain.


SHA Wellness Clinic, yet another customer satisfied with Nature Works filtration glass

Sha wellness clinic natureworksThe prestigious SHA Wellness luxury resort clinic has put its trust in Nature Works filtration glass as the ideal solution for its facilities, observing in a very short time the advantages that this product offers thanks to its innovative MC2 Anti Compactation technology. The resort has substituted silica sand for the high quality Nature Works glass, achieving very satistactory results in a very short period of time:

  • Reducing the number of backwashes by more than 50 %
  • Reducing the work pressure by more than 20%
  • Reducing the dysfunction of the salt water chlorinator by more than 40%
  • Reducing the consumption of the PH stabilizer by more than 40%

SHA Wellness Clinic is considered to be one of the most important medical resorts in the world, where water plays a very important part of the design and decor. It has shown from the begining its commitment towards protecting the environment, a phylosophy shared by Nature Works.